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Hey guys! We’re sure you’ve noticed that this blog has been inactive lately. That’s because we’ve been re-vamping our website/blog and have recently re-launched it. We will no longer be using this one, so be sure to follow our new site! 

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The Bride - Sherie Myers

Sketch in my large Moleskine while out in the sunshine



Tumblr Artist

Shannon Stamey aka October illustrations | on Tumblr (USA)

Born in a rural town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, Shannon Stamey, the owner of October illustrations, was awed by his surroundings, explaining the heavy prevalence of celestial and natural bodies in his work. A morbid romantic, his pieces delight in a whimsical way, yet teeter into sardonity. Comforting in their often-nightmarish view, the works speak to children of all ages. Receiving no formal training, he has taught himself through the careful study of artists Thomas Wilmer Dewing, Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham, Stephen Gammell, and the more contemporary visionary of Maurice Sendak, Tim Burton and Gris Grimly. A large portion of his work focuses on the charm of turn-of-the-pencils and oil on paper, an appreciation for a more antiquated time is seen not only in his subject, but also in the finish given to the work… done with decking and often times staining. Please visit  Shannon’s website or follow his Tumblr for more work.

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C. Kirk

Gestural Head #2, 2012

Moreau 6, 2012

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Balloon lights by John Moncrieff


Illustrations by Nayth