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Bridesmaids mugshots! This is such a fun idea. It’s like Hangover+ Bridesmaids = Ridiculously fun photo session. Love it!

Check out this cute engagement session from Pretty Geeky, fellow Hmong photographers who are located in the Portland-Oregon area. They often travel to Wisconsin and Minnesota hosting workshops for photographers. The engaged couple incorporated Harry Potter into their session and we thought that was the darnest-cutest-sweetest-thing! We absolutely love Harry Potter and anything that deals with it, we’re all for it!

Baking is just one of the many hobbies we enjoy and love to do! What better way to enjoy spring then bake some colorful cupcakes? They were delicious and devoured.

Ele.fut officially does everything now. You can add cake design into our repertoire! There’s some partial truth to that statement. You never know, it could happen in the future and we like to dream big. Even if it’s only for a day, we felt like cake designers today. Early morning today while many of you were sleeping soundly and dreaming happily, Mel assisted her sister-in-law’s sister with the creation of a wedding cake for a relative (Hmong wedding).


Doesn’t it look simple and beautiful? The fabric tulle flowers were inspired by the purple/white Hmong woman hat. Fondant was used to create the draping effect down the tiers. Don’t let the elegance of the cake fool you because what’s on the inside is absolutely delicious and a little on the wild side. From bottom to top: better-than-sex-cake; Raspberry N’ Cream; better-than-sex-cake; and then another Raspberry N’ Cream.



Meet the baker/creator of this cake, FengNan Xiong:


Mel’s grand adventure on the East Coast during spring break!

SENIORS! It’s that time when you’re about to finish junior year and head into your final year in high school. It’s exciting and bittersweet all at once. Of course, you want to start senior year with amazing photos, right? Book your senior portrait session with ele.fut at an affordable price of “30 for 30” — $30 for a 30 minute session. For more information please contact us at info@elefut.com.

Wow, this is a great photo! Love how it captures the water and people. His other photos on Flickr are just as amazing.


Đường mây by Haikeu on Flickr.

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Yum! Cupcakes.

From the article: As revolutionary products like the Lytro emerge from the ashes of Kodak’s film, Manarchy calls this project “a swan song to the brilliance of film.”