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Fairies do exist. Elves are fine creatures. Don’t tell me otherwise! I won’t believe any words that rebukes my imagination. This theme inspired wedding is simply beautiful! The attire of the entire wedding party is absolutely stunning and the details are to die for! This truly looks like a wedding meant for these fantasy beings.

I want an owl now so that I can take a cool photo with it (like the bride and groom below) and send mail through Owl Post to the Hogwarts. Wizards exist as well!

The fairy dresses are gorgeous along with the makeup to create an ethereal look. I can only imagine the hard work and time dedicated in creating this photo session. I would like to believe that I have the skills (which I highly don’t) to make similar costumes for the upcoming Renaissance Festival in Minnesota come Fall this year. These dresses are great inspiration for a possible costume, perhaps the green-wood-twigs one on the last photo…I’m thinking….

Check out more photos at marry2love.

Ele.fut officially does everything now. You can add cake design into our repertoire! There’s some partial truth to that statement. You never know, it could happen in the future and we like to dream big. Even if it’s only for a day, we felt like cake designers today. Early morning today while many of you were sleeping soundly and dreaming happily, Mel assisted her sister-in-law’s sister with the creation of a wedding cake for a relative (Hmong wedding).

Doesn’t it look simple and beautiful? The fabric tulle flowers were inspired by the purple/white Hmong woman hat. Fondant was used to create the draping effect down the tiers. Don’t let the elegance of the cake fool you because what’s on the inside is absolutely delicious and a little on the wild side. From bottom to top: better-than-sex-cake; Raspberry N’ Cream; better-than-sex-cake; and then another Raspberry N’ Cream.

Meet the baker/creator of this cake, FengNan Xiong:

Check out this Tangled theme wedding photo shoot! Theme photos are the best. It looks gorgeous and they must have had a lot of fun. Can’t wait for our very own theme photo shoot next month. It’s gonna be ‘elemazing’ (my new favorite word to use now)!

A glimpse of the Ruche Bridal Lookbook